Several Common Mistakes in Doing Bent-Over Row The bent-over row is probably one of the best movements for building the back muscle. From the standpoint of hypertrophy, the row movement is capable of forming a lat muscle, rhomboid, and trapezium. At certain angles, this movement can also activate the gluteus and hamstring.

If you want the back muscles which are big, strong and symmetrical, then you should do a bent-over row with the correct technique. Not only that, the bent-over row exercise is also good in helping you lose all the excessive fat in your body. That is why the 3 week diet program also uses it as one of its basic movements in its workout plan. Go to for further information. Unfortunately, it is easy to make a mistake while performing this movement. Thus, here are several common mistakes when doing bent-over row and how to fix it.

– Position of the Knee
The row is a movement that is intended for the upper body. But, that does not mean your knee position is not affected at all. When the knees are bent, you will have difficulty maintaining body position during movement. On the other hand, if your knees locked straight, then you give undue pressure on the lower back and limit the load that you can lift. The truth is slightly bending the knees at an angle of 15-20 degrees during movement.

– Standing on the Bench
Some people do bent-over row by standing on a bench with the purpose of trying to get their spines to be more horizontal. Indeed, this technique has a greater benefit. However, the risks that they have to bear are also higher. Falling from the bench is just one of them. The lower back position can make them more susceptible to injury. In addition, this position also makes you weaker force mechanically.