What you need to know about shishaWhat you need to know about shishavvvv

Just like the cigarette, shisha contains the tobacco and other compounds such as nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and lead. Although the contains are the same glass hookah for sale, the shisha smoke is actually a little bit heavier than the smoke of the tobacco cigarette. Despite this, there are still a lot of metals and glass hookah for sale, due to so many people who want to try it and like the shisha a lot.

If it compared with the single tobacco cigarette, the shisha smoke contains the heavier arsenic and nickel, 36 times tar contents, and also 15 times contents of carbon monoxide. Smoking with shisha is usually taking the longer time compared to the ordinary cigarette. That’s why the nicotine and other compounds that could be dangerous to your body that gets inside of your lung are getting higher. That’s why, before you consider to smoke with shisha, you should know about the risk of using it first. It’s very recommended for the people who are looking for a way for relaxation and getting back the working spirit, however, for the people with the history of respiratory disease, it’s not recommended.