The room rates as needed!

Part reservation is a part that has a very vital function. This is because the high and low room occupancy rate are determined by the capability of the reservation in handling booking rooms in hotels. A reservation clerk must have the ability on the basics of the reservation, the hotel PMS, hotel software, products and services sold, how to sell or selling techniques, and the use of communication technologies such as hotels and hotel PMS software. Reservation is a reservation request process and other facilities desired by prospective guests for a certain period. The whole room reservation requests will be handled by the reservation clerk taking into account the existence of the room at the time.

Basically the price of the room can be divided into two types, namely; normal rate / rack rate / published rate and a special room price consisting of:
1. Weekend rate; room rates are applied on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Weekend room prices apply for a business hotel generally lower compared to weekdays (weekdays) while for the resort hotel room prices charged weekend was more expensive compared to the weekdays, this is due to the demand for rooms on holidays increased.

2. Package rate; imposed price already includes the activities and facilities specified, this price such as: honeymooner package, package new year, Ramadan package, christmas package, long staying package, etc.

3. Corporate rate; room rates that apply to companies or individuals who already have a cooperation with the hotel.

4. Government rate; Room prices apply to guests who came from a government office.

5. Membership rate; room rates that apply to special guests who have become a member/members of the club hotel, this membership will usually be charged an annual fee that depends on the type of membership.

6. Travel agent rate; room rates are applicable to guests who come from the travel agency, the room rates are given in accordance with the price already stated in a letter of agreement (contract rate).