The Advantages Of Fair N Pink From Other Skin Whitening Products

There are so many skin whitening products that will help any woman to get whiter skin. However, there are so many of them that have several downsides, such as side effects, expensive price and much more. However not the fair n pink, not this cc cream. Not only that it’s absolutely better than the others, it also has 4 functions in each bottle, such as the skin foundation, moisturizer, whitening, and UV protector as well.

Here are the advantages of fair n pink than other skin whitening products:

1. It has 7 benefits for your skin, while most of other whitening products will likely have fewer benefits than this one.

2. It comes with the whitening body serum, so you don’t have to worry about your sensitive skin. The body serum will negate all negative effects that might come from the cc cream.

3. It’s very affordable. The price of one cc cream bottle is just IDR 85,000 and the body serum has the same price as well. While the soap is also amazing, it’s price is just IDR 38,000.